Nick Sutton
Newport News, Va 23603

I have up for sale two jet ski's and a double trailer.

1999 Kawasaki Ultra 150
The is the fastest production jet ski from 1999 until 2003 when Sea-Doo released the RXP. This jet ski is a monster. When I bought this jet ski, it needed motor work to be done to it and it did not run. I rebuilt the top end and added a few goodies to the ski and got it back on the water.

This jet ski has WSM Platinum piston, ADA 42cc racing head, Shred-Masters ride plate, R&D jet nozzle, DIY intake grate mod, Beach House Sponsons and a brand new M-Line seat cover.

The retail on this ski is $3235 on I will double check on the hours tomorrow as I don't want to post invalid information.

2000 Yamaha GP1200R
This jet ski is one of the best jet ski's on the market to this day. The GPR series jet ski's are not only fun to ride, but they are just as fast as well. This jet ski is bone stock other than the new M-Line seat. This is the easier riding jet ski between the two I own. This jet ski cuts through the water and handles very nice in stock form.

The retail on this ski is $3400 on As with the Ultra, I will double check the hours tomorrow as I will be riding them after work.

Both of these ski's are 1200cc 3 cylinder carb'd engines. They both run flawless and have no issues. There hasn't been any hull repair to either ski and they are both in really good shape.

I will also include the life jackets, Etrex GPS ($99), 60' pulling rope($30) and tube($74).

Asking Price - $7500


Ultra has 124hrs on it

GPR has 128hrs on it