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    Thumbs down Do You Have An Extra $1,500?

    Just wanted to share this with you guys at the GH, I know these days gas is sky high, Premium Gas is hella expensive for our Doo's
    as I pumped gas today I noticed a bulletin on all the pumps, which had Uncle Sam saying "You Will Pay The Price" underneath: the Cap and Trade, and a small chart showing how much gas will be, if the Bill is passed, 1 gallon of Unleaded @ $2.30+$.77=$3.07 and thats not it. Electricity, Natural Gas, Gasoline, everything that is produced or refined by a plant its prices will go up.
    Take a moment my fellow friends to look at this video.

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    Notice he said 1 dime, he didn't say any thing about 2, 3, 4 ,5 6, etc. People wanted change and thats what they are getting. (I'am sorry I am too stupid to handle my own business. Will the government please step in and help me.)

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    Very true, people have no idea how much impact this is going to have,
    see my posts 634, 638 and 639 they are all on the same page here on my economy thread:

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