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Thread: Carb problem?

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    Carb problem?

    Speedster 97 / Twin Rotax 720's. R Engine 'hanging' mid range (4000RPM), until last 1" of throttle when the power surges upto 6200RPM. If cruising at 5200RPM and revs drop slightly (eg in a turn) power then falls all the way back to 4000 RPM'ish and needs throttle pushing all the way forward to restore extra thrust. Engine starts / idles nicely. Also of note it will not achieve >4000RPM unless being 'helped along' by LH engine (ie offloaded). Have tried cleaning pilot jet with wooden toothpick; blowing passages with compressed air (aerosol). Is this enough; as nil change to the perf. Or could it be ignition problem; have already renewed plugs (BR8ES). Of note RH engine has never been quite as good as LH, with this problem developing slowly over time & worsening. Am not keen to swap components / disassemble LH engine as this unit running so well & typically achieving 6700RPM. Help pls!
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