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    1994 slt750 no spark?

    Just got this jet ski, ran great for 3 hours, came in then went back out, started then died, now no spark. I am new the jet skis - looked at some feed back on this web site and tried a few different things. Checked the safety switch, checked good, checked grounds??? Looking for some help? Like I said it ran great for 3 hours..Help please

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    Have you checked battery voltage while cranking, and battery cables are clean and tight, both ends of both cables?

    Did the electrical box shell happen to touch the battery posts?
    (There is supposed to be a plastic cover over the battery to prevent shorting.)

    Have you opened the electrical box?
    Should be clean and dry inside, with no corrosion or rust.

    Any signs of wire damage anywhere?

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    Thanks for the quick reply

    I did open the box and it is clean with a good seal. I checked the fuse it is good, i checked across the reset on the box and it is working correctly. The cables look good, and i have a charged battery?

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    wire damage

    On some of the wires coming out of the brain box it looks like they got hot or touched something hot. I cut one wire and put a butt end on it but nothing changed. There are still a couple of wires that show the same heat damage.

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    Have you removed the stator wires out of the box and ohmed the stator and checked the specs in the book to make sure that did no short?

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    I am new to this, what does the stator look like? is it located in the brain box?

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    The stator is located at the front of the motor under the flywheel. The wires should come in on the top of the electrical box (7 wires). Where are you wires burned?

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    Burnt wires

    There are (3) and they are coming out of the top of the brain box, but I believe that they were in that conditon when it was running?

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    Would the stator cause no spark? I just tried it with the lights off and there is absolutely no spark on all plugs?

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    The first thing I would do get a service manual, (or you have one)? You always want to check the easy things first, this may seam dumb...but do you have the landyard in when you are checking for spark? The motor will turn over and you will have not have spark if that is not in

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