I'm a bit miffed as to why folks don't mention vital facts when they bring their skis in for a service.

Had one show up this week with a "whining sound"..long story short I noticed on my initial inspection that there was plenty of oil in the hull and one of the oil lines was secured with trash can twist tie.

Quick phone call to the owner....

"Oh yeah...the line popped off while somebody else was riding it."

And yesterday a 4-tec boat shows up with a case of water ingestion....maybe...

The boat supposedly was started up in the guys driveway ok..put's it in the water here and clunk..hydro locked.

Of course the hose wasn't left on after the engine was stopped..or was it?..in any case since the guy obviously wanted me to get on the hook for any other problems, I took a pass on the job, since there was no water in the oil and no other signs of a problem, I told him "the dealer" had better look at ( and real fast too) it cause if I did do an oil flush on it and it sucked up water right after going back in the lake I could easily find myself on the hook for a new engine.

Guy seemed to know a little too less about the hose flush fitting then he should of.

I asked him to give me a call and let me know where this water came from..since I didn't charge him anything for a 30 minute discussion on this problem.

There's been a steady stream of this "if I don't mention it it isn't here" type of problems that cost me plenty of time this season, my wife goes nuts when I turn work away however....I'm determined not to get stung by this anymore. I had a couple of losers this year that had me working for literally $10/hr.