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    This ever happen to you?

    So Labor day we're at the lake, drop the anchor and bouy and take off riding. About an hour later we come back to swim, eat lunch and hang out for a while... hmmm where'd we drop anchor at? I swore it was only about 30ft from shore in a shallow area.

    Some guy comes walking up saying "Hey is this yours?" (he's holding the anchor, rope, bouy and clips) "we didnt know who it belonged to so we brought it up here". I can see maybe he didnt know that this was a common area for PWC and people leave them out there all the time, but dang if it isn't yours leave it the heck alone.

    The problem was... I didnt see that he unhooked the anchor from the rope clip LOL. I tossed it out about 20ft then realized im still holding the rope and its going NOWHERE, DOH! We looked for about half an hour but never found it. O well, off to bass pro shops for another one.

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    Wait till you toss it in then go ride like you did only to return to find someone elses ski hooked to it

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    maybe you need to attach a note to the buoy that says " this is not yours...leave my buoy alone!"

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