Hi Fellow PWC enthusiasts!

While looking for a PWC on the Yamaha For Sale section of the forum I came
across a thread that really touched me and got me thinking.

A guy in Davenport, Iowa had just listed his 2 GPR's for sale. The reason he's selling is that his 22 month old son has severe medical issues and the care required and travel to out of state hospitals has dried up available resources.

We've all had our ups and downs in life and could use some help once in a while. Since this board is composed of a lot of fun hard working people who enjoy their toys why not help out a fellow PWC'er and send him some help.

This board has some 1400 members, my guess that 500 to 800 are active. If we all kick in $10/$20/whatever it would probably save the farm (or was that a triple pipe Yami?) so to speak.

So lets all get together and cough up a few gallons worth of help!

Send Checks/Money Orders to:
Kevin Fischer
5213 Amesbury Dr.
Davenport, IA 52907

PayPal Payments to:

email account - abskf@hotmail.com

We'll be checking in this month and see how it's going!

Read the original thread at

Thanks in advance, Kevin & Family really does appreciate it!