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    I went out on lake Mich. Sat. and tried to record a couple top speed #'s with gps, It read 108 i guess i need a new unit ! It was kinda choppy so accuracy was flawed. It only did that once but i have no faith in it's accrcy. now . I will continue to use it in the car for now, but will be in the market for a cheap one to record speed ! I guess i had the world's fastest Pwc once .
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    I wish mine went that fast, just kidding, I just bought a new garmin gps 72 it is awsome it is water rest. and it floats, and it is super easy to read and use. I went down to the bass pro shop and bought a ram holder and mounted it on the old rxp and it looks good and when your riding it's very accessibly, well good luck in getting a new gps!!!

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    you probably don't need a new unit. It's called a spike. This usually occurs because of a multipath signal registering stronger than the direct signal. Some GPS are better at filtering these out than others on the max speed.

    When you get a suspected spike, or you simply are amazed at the speed reading, reset it and run again.

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    Yeah first time I got a GPS my first run was a top speed of 235MPH.......I decided to throw that one away. lol

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    there are alot of factors that play into accuracy.

    -how many satellites is the gps locked onto?
    -hows the signal strength for each satellite?
    -is WAAS enabled, and are you connected to a WAAS satellite?
    -clear view of the sky?
    -clear view of horizon? (are you in a canyon or a valley? in canyons where sheer cliffs exist, or other large obstructions can cause multipath signals)

    When I do top speed runs I first check out what the accuracy level is where I'm riding. 8'-12' is excelent and is about as good as you can get with consumer gps units. The only reason they can't get more accurate has to do with the decimal precision that the cpu of the gps can handle. Then after I confirm the accuracy is reasonable, I do multiple runs in different directions to work out an average.

    GPS can be extremely accurate in the right environment

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    Yea it's an old unit but works in the car. I'm looking @ the gpsmap60c from garmin , i found a site with a really good deal on it. I do some traveling and have many other uses for it to justify the price ($339).

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    the 60c is definately a nice unit.

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