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Thread: Won't Start!!

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    Won't Start!!

    Hey again, Im the one with the 97 gp 1200. ok so heres the deal ive had this ski for three weeks and its never gave me a starting problem. everyday day if not every other day I go out and start for a couple of seconds well today when i did that all it would do is turn over. wouldnt start. when it was at the shop starter and spark plugs were replaced. it has plenty of gas. i choked it gave it throttle... nothing? i do recall though when i first tryed to start it the starter made like a whining noise like it wasnt turning over. but then it kicked over. i did however forget one time to put the plugs in the back, put it tn the water and yeah i had about eight inches of water inside. which i did blow out the inside with the compressor. i didnt want to buy another starter. lol but it has started numerous times after this. please help!! i dont get it starts up no problem all the time. thanks alot for everything!

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    Is the starter spinning? Could be a bendix issue. The bendix engages the flywheel when the starter is turned. This could be stuck and not engaging the flywheel to turn the motor over.

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    the starter is turning over. it just wont run.

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    Below is an exploded diagram of where the bendix is. It is number 8 on the diagram and is located right behind the flywheel. It sounds to me this is not engaging and is causing your problem.
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    Hey thanks alot for the diagram. so this morning i tried it again and same thing. then i try went i get home, and then it starts up. lol

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    First resolve the starter issues, which it sounds like you may have. If the starter is engaging the bendix with the flywheel and turning the crank, then the starter is fine. At this point it sounds like your engine just won't fire up, meaning you need to check the 3 things an engine needs for ignition: compression, fuel, spark. Do a compression test. Make sure fuel is getting to the carbs. Sounds dumb, but make sure your fuel switch is on. Drop some fuel in your carbs and try to start the engine. If the engine fires initially (from the fuel you dropped in) but then stalls a few seconds later, you aren't getting fuel. Another check for fuel is to take out the plugs and turn the engine over for a few seconds. If you don't see and smell fuel, you have a fuel problem. If you've lost fuel pressure, it may take some time to build it back up so be patient. Check spark by pulling the plugs, reinsert them into the plug caps, and hit the start switch. Be sure to ground the spark plug by pressing the threads up against a bolt or something that is grounded and conveniently located. If you aren't getting spark, try new plugs. If still no spark you could have a stator problem and will have to pull off the stator cover for inspection. Or you could take apart your electrical box and do a resistance check. But like I said, if you think your starter is fine and turning the crank, check compression, fuel, and spark.

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    replace the bendix
    or the entire starter if you are unsure how to change the bendix

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