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    HELP!!! STABILIZER Problem

    My friend has a 09 Ultra 260X and he had an accident and in that accident he ripped off the left stabilizer. It took out the front to bolts and nuts from the hull (the holes are just holes, nothing left in there.The third one back has a nut left in there but not sure if all of it is there. The back bolt broke off.
    Question, anyone had one of these break off? How are they held on? How do you get in to the holes to mount the stabilizer back on?

    I have the Ultra 260LX and he just bought his last week. I am trying to help him get it fixed.

    I would really really appreciate any help as these are our first jet skis and don't have alot of experience.

    I am a motorcycle mechanic, so i do understand technical instructions.

    Thank you very much for the help.

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    On older units, stabilizer (aka sponson) is held by allen-head bolt threaded into the brass nut-serts permanently fixed into the hull side. Nut-serts have threads both inside and outside. There is another nut holding the nut-sert from inside the hull possibly with a wahser.

    First step is to obtain equivalent nut-serts and bond into the hull with either epoxy, fiberglass/resin, Texmarine, etc. depending on how much meat is missing on the hull. Important thing is to perfectly match the angle of stabilizer bolt holes to that of the other side that is not damaged in order to avoid weird handling issue in the future.

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