So i had a sh!tty day today... I was out on the lake and there was a couple hundred boats anchored at the local sand bar. Well as always there is the one idiot on a pwc that give everyone else a bad name. WELL in the middle of all the boat there is an idiot on a newer GTX doing spins with in 20ft of anchored boats with small kids playing in the water but when he lost control and almost hit the kid when he flipped the ski i had enough i had to say something. so i flag him over to me and he come up big smile on his face and thinks i want to play so he keeps doing spins buy me. So i started reming him out. I then found out he was a nembie after he ran into my new 10hr old rxp. He didnt mean to hit me but clearly was an idiot and shouldnt have been on a ski. He's lucky there was no damage but im just glad no kids were hurt in that near miss. aha Wait there is more.... My spare liter of oil exploded in side the storage and ran all down inside the hull and all over my gear. So im tied to the sea wall at my cottage cleaning it out when i hear a noise so i look up and see the corner of the mirror part of the hood all scraped up from hitting the wall So now i got it all clean and want to go blow of some steam and the lake has some good size wave so i head out for some wave jumping. Im out there for 20 min and i twisted my foot not bad but enough that im done riding till next weekend. Now for the good news... I pulled a 69.0mph even with a full tank of fuel trim in the middle water wasnt quit glass but close and no ride plate hole filled and the crappy ride plate seal job seadoo did where it meets the hull.