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    Polaris sl900 not accelerating once getting hot

    Once i start this one up it accelerates thru low and mid range. High range is okay. Once it get's hot it does not have low or mid range. If you hit a wave and get air into pump then it will accelerate to high range. Have checked carborators and fuel. This jet ski had been sitting for 7 years without use. Have cleaned out the fuel system.

    Have any idea what is going on here? thanks.

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    Have the carbs actually been pulled apart, internally cleaned, and new rebuild parts installed?

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    Yes they have..

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    Have you treid to add a little choke when the problem happens ? (If it is lean,choke will add some gas)

    Or,check the plugs when the problem happens. When it doesn't accell,hold throttle steady,hit the kill button. ( better to read older plugs,they change color quickly)

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    have tried to choke no difference this ski has keihin cdkll carbs. It only has one adjustment screw on the carb. Also checked the plugs and changed their tan color. I do not live close to the lake so once i get the ski's on the water again i can get back to you.

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    When I drive the ski it seems to engage the first and second stage of the carbs just fine but the third stage will not engage until a certain RPM (over 2400). If I keep the ski over this RPM then the third stage will stay engaged but if I drop below this RPM then I have to build back up the RPM's to get it back in the third stage. I have gone through the carbs and cleaned them. They KEIHIN CDK2s and only have one adjustment screw which I have adjusted very minutely. We have taken it back to closed and then turned it out 5/8 like the dealer recommended. Its seems to have a very small sweet spot but once you ride the ski around for a while it loses it.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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