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Thread: 951 Issues.. :(

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    951 Issues.. :(

    Ok, so I picked up that 98 XP which supposedly has a built to the hilt motor with welded crank, pistons, novi carbs, etc..

    It's really sluggish and stumbles to take off below 4k rpm. You smack the throttle and it spits and smokes a bit and really struggles until you get on plane and it gets up over 4k, then it seems fine.

    However, it only really seems to go about 6,400 RPM which put it at 56 on GPS today. Sadly, that seems really low to me. Am I off base? I seem to remember the two strokes winding a little higher than that.

    Any advice on where to start? I'm a bit of a two stroke noob.

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    are there grey fuel lines on the ski? if so rip them out. might need new fuel lines, new fuel valve, and carbs rebuilt/ cleaned. try a new set of plugs and go from there. do a compression test to see if the numbers are higher than stock to see if there was an increase in compression. look at the carbs and see if they are stock or aftermarket.

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