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    oil change gone bad

    we just had our 10 hr service done and i asked them what oil they put in and they said sea doo mineral oil, just makin sure not senthitic. we go pick up our skis and they said they put and extral quart in the front storage area for a back up. we get the skis home and i check my oil level and its all fine I GO TO LOOK IN THE STORAGE AREA AND THE OIL IN THERE IS SENTHITIC HOLY SHIT!!!!! i call them back up and they say there not sure if its mineral or senthitic in the ski. so they send a person to my house we live 50 miles away to take them to get new they get them done today and after driving all the way up there wasting gas and the opposite way of my lake get to the lake take the covers off and the seat off and look at the oil to make sure the level is ok and my oil lid isnt even on just dangaling there and my key is in the foot bed . they did give us 8 quarts for free were going to change oil agian tomorrow ourselves. so do u think running them for 4-5 hrs today hurt or did all the senthitic blend with the mineral? im afraid for the sc dad just purchased a stage 2 kit and a new rxp from them and is really debating on having them put it on. but on a happier note we did have a really good day on the water

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    I had a chat with Dave about what happened and they are 99% sure they had the correct oil in your boats engines. They THINK what happened was that one of the younger crew members ran up front to get the spare qts of oil and just grabbed the wrong bottles. Very easy to doo,since ALL the oil is on the same shelf and in the SAME BOTTLES,other than the labels................I think Sea-Doo should put the synthetic in a different color bottle or at least put a different color CAP on the damn things............You have to READ the labels to see which oil is which,and even then it is kinda confusing..........At least they did the right thing,came and got your boats,and changed your oil again,just to be on the safe side.

    On a different subject,I got to see the impeller damage I did to my supercharger Holy Chit!! They went so far as to overnight the parts to try get me back on the water,but ran into a snag assembling the new supercharger,so Dave took a SC off of a brand new unit Downside is I won't have the new Vortech to play with on Lake Erie this weekend

    I hope they get that new belt drive SC out on the market before to long..........

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