have a 1997 polaris sl1050 and i just replaced the coolent hose to it because it was leaking.. every thing checked out good then i took it for a ride. i brought it back to make sure every thing was good then i took off again. and then it shut completly down.. nothing on the display.. i lifted the see and smoke came out..( this happened to my sl650) i got towed back in and looked around a from what i and my father could see only one black wire was fried from the top of the cdi box to what looks to be the bottom.. but my dad said it went to the battery i didnt look again.. but my question is would you guys think the cdi is fried or it shorted and only that wire is shot?? and info would help alot!! thanks

p.s. sorry if you see this some where else i think i might have posted this in the wrong spot..