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Thread: Shut down issue

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    Shut down issue

    Hi there. Had some general work done to my 97 SL1050. Among fixing some ground wires, the temp switch was replaced. Now ski runs for a little while then shuts down. Have to try several times before restarting, but only to have the ski konk out again after a while. My display isn't working, so unable to know if it's displaying anything. Any ideas?

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    Is the engine overheating?

    You should be able to put your hand on the engine and exhaust manifold for several seconds at a time. If it is too hot to touch, it is running too hot.

    If the MFD is not working, either get it fixed or disconnect the connector behind the MFD. Bad MFD have been know to cause strange running problems.

    Have you checked the MFD fuse inside the electrical box?

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    Thanks, will spend some time looking at MFD. Thanks for the link.

    The engine did not feel overheated to the touch at all. I have a call in to the mechanic to ask again why he felt it necessary to replace the temp switch (but no call back yet). The ski didn't cut off before the temp switch was replaced.

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