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    GSX won't rev all the way up

    I have a 1996 GSX that will not rev over 6500 rpms.I have F/A and the carbs jetted for them.The carbs have been rebuilt,and the stock impeller replaced.The ski runs great and pulls hard,it just won't rev any higher.The rave valves are clean and move freely.Is there any way to check the water regulator on the water box.

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    Nobody has any ideas?

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    see if the water box gets hot while riding. This will tell you if the regulator is working...

    Sounds like you have the main things. What else has been done with the ski? Pump removed lately? Wear ring? Fuel line replaced? If you still have the gray fuel lines do a quick search and replace them. Then clean the carb screens again + fuel selector.

    Does it just hold at 6500 rpm or does it bounce?


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    It just holds steady right there.

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    Water regulators supply water all the time to the waterbox. Their function is to provide a large amount of water to the midpipe from idle to 5000 or so rpm, then partly close or restrict this flow to maximize max rpms and HP. So if it's sticking open, it could easily kill your max rpms this much.

    Read post 34 on this thread to test the valve.

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