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    gp800 motor swap

    Hey guys so my GP is for sale but if it doesnt sell...can I swap a Gp1200 motor in there simply or is it a very hard task? If it is more complicated then I think I was just going to get the GroupK kit which they say run just as fast as a stock 1200? what do I do that is the most cost effective?

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    dont know about the gp's but the gpr's are different motor mount locations. I would guess this would have the same issue

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    im pretty sure it is the same hull its a year 2000

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    The gprs are identical hulls as well, just different motor mount locations

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    Austin Fiore
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    i have an 01 gp800r with a blown motor. if i dont sell the ski im putting a 1200 motor in no problem. if you have a good idea of what your doing, you can make it happen

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