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    should i buy supercharge or not?

    im currently looking to buy a new jetski and was wondering if i should buy the Yamaha fx sho or buy the kawasaki 260 ultra? these are supercharge and i know nothing about supercharged jetski's. should i buy supercharged ski's or should i stay with the non supercharge models? can anyone tell me the good and the bad on supercharge and non supercharge models. Any advice woudl be appreciated.

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    I have a 2 stroke and my buddy has a supercharged 4 stroke. He can ride 2 days on a tank of gas while I'm lucky to ride 1 on a tank.

    With that being said, I've heard the supercharged skis are harder to work on.

    Maybe somone with mroe expertise can help more.

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    I wouldnt say harder, but different, there really isnt a whole lot of maintance difference, if you ride salt water its a good idea to fog the supercharger after every ride, which isnt that big a deal, and make sure the belt tension is right(which should be checked every few rides), which also isnt that big of a deal, 10 mins tops to do both after a ride...............other than that ride the hell out of them.........

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