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Thread: RPM's Low?

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    RPM's Low?

    I bought 04 RXP with 28.8 hrs on it. I usually ride at a lake that is very high in elevation. Last week I took it to the Outer Banks and got to ride at sea level. It was going 68mph on the gps(speedo said 71). Thing is, I'm seeing about 7800 rpm's. The speed surprised me but I thought it would rev higher than that. Does this sound right?

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    Your RPM's should be around 8000. However I know of a few machines that are always at that level, in rpms. Things that could effect your RPM's, are oil level being too high, wear ring needs replacing. crappy gas, and spark plugs not gapped correctly. There is others but these are the easiest to check. Also depending on where you have your trim set at, it will effect your top speed and RPM's by a bit.

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