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    2003 seadoo sportster 4 tec

    I getting ready to purchase a 2003 Seadoo Sportster 4Tec, the only issue is I have to drive about 2.5 hours to pick it up which is no problem for what I'm paying for the boat, the person who is selling sent me about 20 good pics of it and he gave me the phone number of the dealer that has done all of the service, boat has about 60 hrs on it, it has the wake tower, bimini top and full cover, my question is what tools do I need to get the spark plugs out to do a compression test and is there any thing that I should pay close attention to when checking it over
    If I knew how to post pics I would, I'm a truck mechanic and am not good with computers

    Thanks for the help David N.

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    Its the 155 4 tec so you dont have to worry about supercharger issues. Compression should be around 200 psi, but the main concern is to have the compression #s all with in 10% of each other. Best thing to do is take it for a ride befor you hand over the cash. They are great boats. good luck.

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    I went through that exact situation earlier this year when I went to check out my 04' Sportster 4-tec. and I'm sure I'm less technical than you.

    I went and bought a compress tester and spark plug wench for a M12 spark plug.

    After a quick inspection and test drive (found the tach and speedo were not working) I opened the hatch and had a little trouble finding the spark plugs (told you I was not technical). Pulled the wire off the plug, took out the plug screwed in the compress tester, turned over the engine and noted the compression. Did that for all plugs one by one and found they were all between 160 and 165, which I'm told was good.

    The other thing I would look at (if I knew how) was the wear ring, to see if it's worn out. Worst case a wear ring replacement is around $250-300 at a dealer.

    Good Luck! I've been enjoying my boat!

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