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    MSX 150 turbo issue

    I have a 1994 MSX150 I've had issues with it since my wife and my brother forgot to put the drain plugs in it last year at the end of the season. We started to have issues with it shutting down after about 5-10 minutes of running (it would run perfect during the run) I put it into storage and brought it out this summer and took it to the shop and they did some testing with the digital wrench and found that the power down module was bad. They took the one off of my matching msx 150 and it stop throwing that code. Took it to the river and it didn't do the shut down thing anymore but now the tubo is not spooling up it's like the waste gate isn't workin. Yet it worked fine before the visit to the shop (minus the shut down issue). Took it back to the shop and they said that the wast gate was bad now and it was going to be about 600.00 to fix. I'm thinking they didn't connect something or do something right. If anybody has any ideas on what I can check or how I can test it that would be great. (I don't want to take it back to the shop because they said they took it to the lake and tested it but I know they didn't due to the 3 inches of dust that was on it from where it sat on there lot for more then 2 weeks).

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    If the waste gate was not working, you would be getting a 'check engine' light.

    Have you tried to move the waste gate lever by hand, to see if it was binding?
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