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    Green hulk skegs

    just wondering what everyone is thinking of this...has anyone run them offshore yet?.....and wondering about handleing differences it will make

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    I ran them for a while. Definatly more stable at speed but needed a football field to turn around in.

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    I'm a fan of them. I don't believe I had them on when I last rode in salt. However, I do believe they'dve made a big improvement. I base that on the conditions I normally ride in.....rough.

    As far as turning at speed.....while a football field isn't really needed....slight exaggeration....half of one wouldn't be a speed. You must know...when you turn at speed......and waves come at odd angles...the likelyhood of you going over the side is very real. You must slow a bit....turn...then hit it.

    All that aside...I've had mine on for over a year...they haven't fallen off....I'm a much more comfortable/confident driver...knowing that when my ski hits the water again, I will land in the same direction I 65-70mph. Because the ski tracks's easier on my old, fat, slow sorry excuse for a body.

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    as stated they make the ski more stable in choppy water and will pick up some speed, the trade off is they also make the ski stay flat when turning. you have to take the time to learn how to turn with them or they will toss you or hurt your wrist or both. once you learn how to use them the ski turns pretty quick.

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    I think the 3 seaters turn quicker with the skegs after you learn to use them. When you feel them grab, gun it and off you go.

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