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    Gas Leak on SLT 780. HELP!!!

    It looks like I have a gas leak from underneath the tank somewhere? It does not look like there are any connection under the tank but when I tilted ski up on the trailer to drain water I noticed gas trickling from under the tank? I checked the line coming in from the filler and it was fine. There are several lines on top that I also checked and they were also good. Any other suggestions before I try and take the tank out? If I end up taking the tank out can anyone give me some help? Thanks

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    You are sure it is not leaking from around the screw-on retainer ring that holds the fuel sender in place?

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    Update. I felt around the right side of the tank from the front (while sitting facing forward) and it was wet. Where is the ring you are talking about? It was getting dark so I could not see back far enough. Thanks.

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    Pretty sure he means the rubber gasket between the fuel sender and the fuel tank.

    Close the petcock. Remove the vent hose from the sender.

    Install your own 1/4" hose onto the sender fitting and pressurize the tank.(5 psi) This should help locate any leaks.

    CAUTION: I'd drain the tank because fuel in the hull can be dangerous. Also air escaping can be heard if bad enough.

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