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    another mine is faster than yours story

    I was at the river on sunday playin when a ultra 150 started telling me how fast his ski was. It all sounded good; Tripple pipes, heads, injectors, pump, nosel, ect... said he had 15K in just the mtr and it would run 83. I was like WOW thats fast. So as the day went on it was brought up that we should run'em I was like sure. He started with I cannot run with you on takeoff we have to jump at 40, OK what ever. We ran for at least 2 miles WOT side by side. Neither one pulled any on the other. He said "I did not know you had a 75-80 ski also why didn't you tell me." Because I don't it only runs 69.1 till I get rid of my stock prop. The rest of the day He called BS on me. I just laughed.

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    YEp this reminds me alot of what happens in car racing. When two cars line up and one says YEP I have a 9 second car and the SECOND car beats him, then all of a sudden the winner thinks his car has to be faster than 9 seconds because he beat the other car. Then you wind up having dozens of nine second cars around when in reality there may be only 1 or 2. I think it would have been funny to show him your GPS (if you had one) on that run to show him you skis were really doing what you told him (69). I am sure he would have thought the GPS was bullshit also.

    Nice run BTW.

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    I always have my Etrex with me when I'm on the water,and have made a handfull of people eat their own words by letting them take a few runs with it onboard .Kinda feel guilty bursting their bubbles..........NOT!!

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    Nitro, the Ultra rider either had no clue or was BSing you.
    Ultra's are carbed, no "injectors"
    If he truely had tripples and head work, you would have been toast.
    His Ultra must have been set up really badly and to say he invested over 15K in the motor is total crap and go that slow.
    An ultra can be made to go 70 with only $2000 invested or less.

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    a friend of mine had and ultra ported tripple piped with all the trimmings
    novi carbs and running on race gas high comp heads. and his best was 81. that guy diddnt know what he was talking about or has big tuning issues. we had 3 ultras and 2 of the had tripples the third had smaller mods and ran verry close to a stock rxp.

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    The guy had all the parts I saw them I think he was just having major tuning problems.

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