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    Smile Sea Doo 4 Tec Oil Questions - Please Educate Me

    I have a 2002 4 tec. What is a good, general substitute for the $10 a quart QPS oil?
    Also, does anyone know what weight oil that is? I know it's semi-synthetic, but can you use a full synthetic together with it?
    Please educate me.

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    it's always been synthetic for that engine until BRP dropped full for the semi this year. 10W40 is the right weight

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    So do I just buy a regular 10-40 synthetic?
    Or do I have to buy a 10-40 semi synthetic?

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    If you have a supercharged engine and you want to use the BRP oil use the new semi-synthetic oil or find the older petroleum oil. If it is a non supercharged ski you can use the BRP full or semi-synthetic or petroleum oil. Here is the info on the AMSOIL Synthetic 10w-40 Marine Oil that is safe for either engine.
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    alot of us use use the marine amsoil -- its done well with me

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    Quote Originally Posted by homebrew View Post
    alot of us use use the marine amsoil -- its done well with me
    + 1. I also use it and cannot complain.

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    the 2002 4tec is NON supercharged.
    so synthetic is and always has been the normal requirement.
    amsoil wcf would be good option.

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    Has anyone used Lucas ATV semi synthetic 10-40 in their ski?

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