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    Carb. rebuilt, Pop-Off?????

    I have a 1996 Wave Venture 1100, all stock. main jet in the front & rear carbs 107.5, and the center carb 95. the pilot jet for all three carbs is 75. the needle/seat for all three is 1.2. I just rebuilt the carbs and installed new needle/seats. The rear & center carb both poped off at 35 psi then when I backed off the pressure they poped again at about 33psi and then slowly went down to 31psi and held pressure. The front carb first did the same thing except the first pop was at 40psi then at 38psi when I backed off pressure and held at 37psi. I cut the spring until it was the same as the others. now they all pop at the same psi 35, when the pressure drops they pop again at 33 and hold at 31psi.

    Is this OK? Is this the correct pressure range I need to be in?


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    The stock N&S is 1.5 here is the page from the manual. from the sounds of it you have either the black 80 gram or the shiny silver 65 gram springs.
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    Is there a difference between the Wave Raider and Wave Venture? My Model is a WVT1100. The N&S that I removed originally were, 1.2 and the carbs are Stamped 64T and someone told me in an earlier post that they should be 1.2, I guess the carbs could have been reworked earlier. Anyway, do I need to use 1.5 with a stock flame arrestor? I understand that a larger N&S would give me a higher pop-off psi. Should I be at a higher psi. I read in a couple of the carb tuning threads that they should be between 25-35psi. Is this correct?

    Thanks for the info!!!

    ...And they are the silver springs.

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    A smaller needle and seat gives a higher pop off. I will have to look further as for differences in the 1100's not my area of experetise but carbs are carbs and pop off is pop off and yuor reported PSI falls right in the range I stated

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