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Thread: psi?? Trailer

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    psi?? Trailer

    i'm not retarded , but the max pressure on the tires of my single say 60 psi ?? Is this correct for such a small tire ? My jeep cherokee is max 35 psi. , what gives? any info grtly . apprc.
    Also how often should i grease the zerk fittings ?

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    That is the correct pressure for the tires. They are special purpose tires made for use on trailers. Think of how many revolutions these 8 or 12 inch tires have to make to equal one for the big vehicle tires. The high pressure helps them run cooler.

    If you have grease fittings on the hubs that are spring mounted (Bearing Buddies) you can check them by pressing in on the grease nipple. If it moves inward there is enough grease and spring pressure to keep water out of the hub. If it feels "solid" it has bottomed out and will need more grease. Do not over fill or you might blow out the rear grease seal.

    Hope this helps,


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