I'm fairly new to this forum. I've owned a 98 gp1200 for 3 years. Never had the urge to do any mods cause she always ran great. Finally got the itch this year. Nothing too crazy. Don't want to drop a new engine in the hull or anything like that. So far I've gone with an intake grate, ride plate, flame arrestors, and primer. Looking to get a new head and new impeller in the near future. I'm rebuilding the carbs right now. I want to through in t-handle adjusters to make life easy in the future. Can someone direct me to where I can buy the right ones? Mikuni sbn 44 carbs. I've been on Atlantic Jet Sports and Riva but they say their ez tune adjusters are for powervalve 1200s only. Will those work with the my 1200? I dunno what carbs the powervalve skis have. Any other mod suggestions are appreciated, too.