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    2003 Virage bogging down

    I recently purchased a 2003 Virage. It had low hours 37.5 when purchased. It ran fine for the first 8 hrs I put on it. Recently (last time out) I had some trouble. It started fine and idled fine but once out of the no wake with full throttle or even less it would bog down and almost die (like it was fuel starved). After several tries of giving it just a little fuel it accepted full throttle and ran great all the way up to top speed and back to idle. After a break where it sat for 30minutes to 1 hr it demonstrated similar behaviour but cleared up and ran fine as before. Once home when I went to flush it out it once again experienced similar behaviour. Each time once you get it going it runs fine. Not sure where to start. I am running 93 octane. Any idea of where to start looking to diagnose or what could be causing the issue.

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    Is this a fuel injected or carburetor engine?
    Two cylinders - correct?

    Do you know the service history?

    Correct spark plugs installed?
    Are the spark plugs fresh, or at least not fouled at the tips?

    Do you ride in salt water?
    Was it used in salt water before you bought it?

    To clarify - once you do get it to run at full throttle, it will run happily at any RPM from then onwards, with no further problems while accelerating?

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    Here are the engine specs:

    EngineIn-line Polaris Marine 700 LE, Case Reed Induction, Water Cooled, 2 CylindersDisplacement701ccBore x Stroke81 x 68mm Carburetion1-40mm Keihin LE w/Accel Pump IgnitionDigital CDI, Flywheel Mag.TransmissionDirect drivePumpExtended Big Mouth, Single Stage Axial Flow, Five Vane Aluminum Stator

    I was told from the seller it was serviced every year by polaris but no documentation for that (in short no).

    Correct spark plugs are installed. I just put new ones in but haven't got it on the lake yet (hopefully taking it out today). The old ones were a bit wet with gas/oil.

    I do not ride in salt water and was told it was used almost exclusively in fresh water but had been in salt water once or twice.

    That is correct. Once I get the RPM's up it runs great at any rpm (idle to
    WOT) with no problem unless it sits off for a while 1 hr or so. Even then the behavior isn't as bad as it is at first.

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    are the fuel lines gray or black? if they are the grey ones that could be your problem....i have a few polaris ski's with the gray ones still (i know, i know)....but it's is gumming up the little filter/screen inside your carb......and sometimes running it WOT will clear enough path on the screen to allow enough back if you have the grey fuel lines? they may have already changed them by 2003.....i dunno

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