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Thread: wear ring..

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    wear ring..

    How do you know if it is going out?? What will follow...any special noises?

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    On mine I could hear the cavitation when I gunned it. Also the ski hit full RPM's fine, but just wasn't getting top speed.

    Out of the water I could tell just by looking down the nozzle with a flashlight - too much space around the edge of the impeller.

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    I guess the space around the impeller would be the same all the way around if the wear ring is ok... and it just keeps the impeller in line right?
    Thanks JR4

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    It does not keep the prop in line. To do so it would need to touch and in that case it would not do so for very long since the prop is stainless steele and the ring is plastic.

    The prop shaft inside the pump and its bearings do the supporting and aligning.

    The WR is there to provide a tight enough fit to the prop to allow for the generation of pressure (imagine the prop as a compressor, if water could be compressed). If there is more that .040 (1mm) of clearance anywhere (though they tend to be uniform unless the ring has de-laminated) around the prop, there will be slippage.

    It will act much like a worn out clutch on a car or a bad automatic trans. The engine will rev but you will not feel any acceleration. It will be worse coming out of the hole but will also slow you down on top, it is just not as noticable.

    In short, to answer your question, you need to pull the pump and put a feeler guage around the outside of the prop. This will also let you see if any chunks are gone out of the ring (this is de-lamination) that you probably can not see with the pump mounted. If the boat is new to you I suggest you do this. Also take the opportunity to check the pump oil as that is an oft neglected mainenance item.

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