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Thread: Friday Sept 4th

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    Friday Sept 4th

    anyone interested in coming down to Stamford, CT. Not sure of any public launches, but there is a local ramp, i think its like $10 bucks or something. Can hit up the breakwall in stamford harbor, and then take a cruise to long island just east of oyster bay. Nice cove area there to have a few beers/lunch.

    If not,

    Housy and Port Jefferson?

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    Hmmmmm sounds like a good idea.

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    Im back to work already, so a day of riding on Friday is out of the question for me. Was thinking of Port Jeff Saturday morning..

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    I'm off on Friday

    Still not 100% sure if I will be around this weekend but if we got some rides planned then I will stick around.

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    Let me know if you guys can meet infront of stamford harbor friday afternoon. We can grab some lunch, you guys can refill and we can cruise around, or jet across to a small cove area, or we can drag at the breakwall.

    Do you have a GPS with a map?

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    See you saturday. friday im not riding.

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