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    Question 04 RXP taking on water, can blower be culprit?

    I just bought my second RXP off Ebay, not as good a luck with this one as with my first one. Only made it about a mile before it started taking on water and I had to beach. Yes I had the drain plugs in.
    Put it on a lift and drained. Put 2 people on it and let it idle 5 to 10 min with nose against dock, forward and backward. No water came in.

    I took it solo and headed back to put in point. Was moving along almost flat out but after about a quarter mile, it started taking on water and had to beach again and it was getting close to dark so I had to leave it beached. I called the guy I bought from and he said it had done it to him once also. He said it had a blower on it from owner before him, and he turned it off. Something about the blower created a vacuum in engine compartment and makes the water com in.

    Came back next day to drain. Water was 4 to 5 inches up the block and a couple inches up the side of battery. After I drained it I crept back to take out @ 2500 rpm and made it. No water inside when I got back to take out, so I took the seat off and decided to give it some juice. Thought I might be able to see where water is coming in moving at a good clip. When I hit it, it felt like something let go and the rpms are way up now just to make it creep. Now I assume the water problem wasn't blower related but maybe whatever it was that turned loose, perhaps has a seal associated with it and that is really the problem.
    Question is, has anyone else had these symptoms and is there anyone in the Richmond or Williamsburg Va area that knows how to fix RXPs without breaking something else or me?

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    The blower had nothing to do with it.

    Check for a leak at the carbon ring, or more specifically make sure the circlip that holds the slide ring against the carbon ring hasn't come off.

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