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    2008 Loadrite Double Tire Wear

    I have a 2008 loadrite double trailer, this is my FIRST year towing with it, and I mainly use it for long highway trips. I noticed today that the tires are wearing unevenly, like big time. The inner tread is worn away only about an inch towards the center of the tire. Everything else looks good except the inner most parts that are starting to wear down.

    Any thoughts?

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    Yeah...mine's the same way.....I don't believe the axle is rated for the load of these big ski's.

    I just take my tires to wallyworld and have them reversed...till I can afford a heavier duty type axle.

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    mine were also doing the samething. Make sure you keep the right amount of air in the tires. If I remember it was 70lbs. Mine were way off.

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    Mine is doing the same thing. Mine is wearing on the inside.
    I have a McClain double

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    Same inside wear here with a double for tires now...

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    Just spoke with loadrite. The issue is this:

    Tongue weight is either too heavy, or too light. (5% of the total load should be resting on the tongue.) In our case, (a 250x, and a 15f) the total was 1900lbs wet, so the tongue weight should be approx 95 lbs. I was towing at approx 2% on the tongue....

    We moved the skis forward to add more weight to the tongue, seems to be working.

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