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    It's been a while

    Hey guys I'm not sure where to post this but I haven't been around for a couple years since I sold my 04 GPR but a friend of mine is wanting to sell his GPR collection so to speak...I'll get 2 2001 GPR's and a lot of parts from over the years like stock carb rack,stinger pipe,2-3 ride plates 2-3 props of different sizes R&D billet flywheel new never used,and quite a few other items but I don't have a list of everything yet...It's a great deal but I mostly just want the ski's and was wondering what kinda interest I could get in some of these parts...I know I will need pics and prices but is there still good interest in parts like these on here? One of the ski's also has mechanical trim tabs that I might take off and sell...One ski is near stock and the other used to be a 83MPH triple pipe ski that has since been turned back into a single pipe ski but still has all the goodies like Novi's,vf3's 1300 lowell ported motor with milled heads Jim's ride plate and all that other good stuff...gauging the interest in the parts would help me decide rather or not to buy the package...Any help would be appreciated...

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    Well I worked a deal to get the one ski and parts so check the for sale item if you need any parts I'll pick the stuff up next weekend and start trying to list it all as soon as I can....He gave me the "best friend price" I couldn't say no...

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    Be sure to post pics........ Did you get the 1300 LH Ported or the stock ski?

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    Market for 2 smoke parts is not so good right now as far as I can see. You just about have to give things away to sell in this economy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by christian79 View Post
    Be sure to post pics........ Did you get the 1300 LH Ported or the stock ski?
    I got the 1300 LH ported ski...He sold the stock ski tonight so it worked out good for both of us...

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    Welcome back.

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