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    RXP-X just had 10hr service and....

    They listed:

    Serviced Unit
    Monitoring Good No Faults
    Starts and Runs Great
    No Cavitation

    This dealer has a private lake onsite, so I got to thinking about the No Cavitation remark... Upon closer inspection it looks like they ran the ski in the lake and cleaned it up afterward...

    My question is: So do you think they ran it to warm oil up for oil change or just to check cavitation issue? Don't really feel like calling them about it... Anyone else had cavitation checked at their 10hr service?

    BTW... It was $217.00 with tax and all...
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    Never heard of that. I'm jaded when it comes to dealer service, but maybe you have a thorough one.

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    As long as it doesn't have 25 extra hours on it or anything, I wouldn't worry about it. Reminds me of Ferris Buellers Day off... wonder if you run it in reverse if the hours will roll back

    Seriously though, I think its cool they checked it for you.

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    how does it make you feel knowing that some guy was out running WOT laps and hard launches on your P-X ???

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    What dealer? I think my dealer will water test everything they work on.

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