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    Preparing for the winter months

    Hey Guys,
    Found myself bored at work today and decided to hop back on here and ask a few questions:

    1. What do you all do to your ski's to prepare it for the winter months?

    I know the last few winters that I have owned this we haven't done much more than replace the plugs and fill it with "the pink stuff." I feel like more should be done. Oiling, cleaning, replacing, etc.

    2. Have any of you experimented with putting a stereo on your jet ski.

    I've seen some that are actually built just to run off an ipod so there isn't an actual head unit.

    3. What are some of the prime upgrades for a 2003 MSX 140?

    I want to put in a battery maintainer for firsts. I know ph20 has done the on his. But after that what are some ideas?

    4. Starting to get bored with the ski. Any ideas on new stuff to try and do with it?



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    winterizing -

    stereo - if you used the marine speakers and amp (I found a bunch of sets on ebay for pretty cheap) you could use an otter box to hold the ipod, just have to make sure the area around the cable is sealed...that's what i was thinking of doing on my ski next year anyway.

    upgrades - no idea sorry

    new ideas - give me your msx and buy a new ski and start over

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    Quote Originally Posted by laxidiot87 View Post
    ...What are some of the prime upgrades for a 2003 MSX 140? ...
    Have a look here

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