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    97 sl900 won't go after 1/2 throttle

    The ski just won't stay full throttle. bogs down then will go great for a while then back to junk. new gas,newplugs,good compression maybe new gaslines and filter next??? help please. scot

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    Sounds like it's starving for fuel...but why? fuel pump issue or dirty carbs messing with pop off pressure?

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    Have you confirmed you have spark?

    Check this thread for some suggestions:

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    Had the same issues with mine,replaced lines,had carbs redone, went through everything, bottom line......
    save your self time and money and get the update kit.
    seems polaris had a lot of problems with the 96-97, 900 & 1050 stator/cdi and you can find plenty of guys here with the same problems/symtoms if you search the threads. if you want to check the stator and cdi look in the tech section on how to test it. anyways thats my 2 cents, i got a lot of great advice here and now my ski runs great!

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