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    Angry Ran 64.1 at 8100 Help!!!

    Today I took my bike out to the lake couldn't get it passed 64.1 mph .

    I have a 2005 RXP with 31.8 hours. I have the following mods done to it:

    Riva Air Intake
    K&N Crankcase Ventilation Filter
    Riva Grate (shimmed even with the ride plate)
    Homemade Free-flow exhaust
    Solas Concord 14/19 (stock)
    Stock Liner with 10 hours
    Ride plate holes filled
    Reverse Bucket Mod
    2" cut off the J.Pipe

    I have no trouble codes but when I put in the ket it flashes "maintenance".

    Can someone give me some suggestions as to how to make some speed ?

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    Something is slipping.

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    If it felt like sometimes you had power for a bit then its the charger clutch. My .02 anyway.

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    Looks like no one has any idea or is everyone bluffing about there speeds....

    we need help were going slow and running out of cash and patience

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    Quote Originally Posted by JOSE13RT
    ... is everyone bluffing about there speeds....
    Yeah, that's it... we're all bluffing!

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    We need more info: Your rpm's appear fine. Any cavitation off the line, or vibration at higher speeds? Anything stuck in the intake grate? Check all your hose connections for leaks. Check the hose connecting directly to the s/c. Run the ski on the dock and spray some soapy water on all the hose couplers. Rev it way up and see if there are any bubbles near the connections. Bubbles show leaks.

    Also, I have actually seen leaky stock intercoolers. Check your spark plugs and see if there is any salt build up on the very tip. If you see a salty residue, this could mean that your i/c is leaking water into the manifold.

    Also, if you run the correct rpm, but not the correct speed, you could have a pump leak. Pull the pump and make sure the ring around the pump is not folded over or out of shape.

    Any work on the ski lately?

    Just some possibilities.


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    The ski seems to have a decent launch but dies mid range and top end.
    I checked the grate yesterday and shimmed the back three bolts to they can be even with the ride plate. I do have a wedge on the pump which may fits but i'm not sure what ski its off so, I can take it off and try again.

    Your suggestion for the intercooler is a good one, I will check the plugs.

    I also see some salt in the area of the j-pipe and supercharger, is this normal. To test for leaks using the bubble test, can this be done on the trailer?

    I just recently installed the riva intake will check the clamps going to the supercharger.

    I am also going to check the pump to make sure the rubber ring is not snagged.

    Will post the results.

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    You can do the soap test right on the trailer. I recommend you at least put it on the flush though. This will only test for AIR leaks, not water leaks. Water leaks need the be checked under a load and more than likely you would have already seen water in the hull.

    Salt around the j-pipe isn't that uncommon.

    Let us know.

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    I would guess that your pump seal is not correct.
    I screwed up putting mine on once and it took away some speed.

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    worst case put it back stock. Start with the impeller and see if the stock impeller does anything with your speed differences.

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