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    Prep. for a long distance ride on 08 SHO Cruiser

    Hey guys, I am getting ready to take my first distance trip on my SHO Cruiser which now has 18 hour and no problems so far. I was just wondering what I should check over besides oil before taking part in the 185 round-trip from Va to Oregon Inlet in NC. Thanks everyone.

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    any time i ride i so a sort of 'walk around' which consists of checking oil, drain plugs for cracks, make sure the battery breather is connected and give it a little pull, check bilge for any foreign objects (nuts screws etc), and do the good old visual inspection of everything else. Hope that helps, Im sure someone else will have some more ideas

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    I've done two 100+ mile rides and now have 80+ hours on my boat. Just go and have fun.

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    We have taken ours for three 100+ mile rides this summer and have not had any issues except for mapping out gas station docks. We ride at about 5300 RPMS and seem to get the best fuel economy at this level.


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    There are a number of good threads around regarding what safety and contingency gear to consider packing.

    Also threads on technical bits, like a tool to pull clogs out of the jet pump.

    Search in the General Discussions forum, and also here;
    High Performance Watercraft Safety

    Long Range Touring Equipment Checklists

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