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    This is what happens when your reverse bucket flops down when you're going 50+mph!

    Today while riding my ski it did it while I was going 50+mph. I was just getting ready to execute a right turn when the ski was quickly jerked along with a loud boom. The steady stream of water from the jet no longer existed as it was shooting directly up and towards the left side of the ski. The steering system went dead and I knew exactly what happened. So I stopped the ski and checked to see how bad the damage was. I could feel that the steering nozzle was completely **** along with the reverse bucket. So Im thinking great, 1 mile from shore and my cottage, riding by myself, no other boaters near me, and no steering. So I got the ski pointed toward my cottage and idled in. Once I got it on the lift, this is what I saw.
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    you know you can attach pics here by clicking the "manage attachments" button

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    Holy sheep dip Ratman! That is masacered! (spelling)...PR...

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    So what caused it to drop???? I am confused???

    And are you ok??

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    Just saw the damage. Reinsert curse word as it appears appropriate.

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    Bunks are kinda long for that ski.

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    how are you pale rider, my ski has gone tits up, conrod probs, hope to be back soon, in the meantime its the boat . bye for now bill

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    Quote Originally Posted by two2curupt
    So what caused it to drop???? I am confused???

    And are you ok??
    Im not sure why. Here's the funny thing...the reverse lever still works. I can get the reverse bucket (whats left of it) to go up and down.

    Hasn't this happened to other guys that have done the reverse bucket mod? Not this drastic of course, but I've read where guys have hada it flop down on its own.

    As for me I can still eat and sleep, so Im fine by my sandards. But nothing happened to me like what happend to Shibby with his problem. My ski just made a quick jerk forward and then kept going with no steering. The whole thing happened so fast there wasn't time for me or the ski to react to the jerk of the bucket and nozzle exploding. Like I said I was going over 50mph so that bucket didn't stand a chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonG
    Just saw the damage. Reinsert curse word as it appears appropriate.
    Hehe......and ewwwwwwwwwwww,that looks nasty.

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    better that than something in the motor.

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