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Thread: Low RPM's

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    Low RPM's

    Roommates ski will only go up to around 7800 rpms since he's had it. It's an '06 RXP. Right out of the box brand new and can never get it to go over 7800. Any clue whats going on ? Oh yea, wear ring and impellor are fine.

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    How many hours on the machine??? Some people are experianceing higher RPMs as the machine puts more hours on it..They say that after ten hours the RPMs go up.I have a 06 and mine was 8150 right out of the box..
    But that dont mean nothing..Also some of the guys had to take it back to the dealer and have the softwear updated..That might be part of the problem also..


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    my guess is oil level.....make sure the oil is not over '06 rxp was overfilled right from the factory/dealer....with the engine warm & the ski level make sure the oil is right in the middle of the detents of the dip stick....NO HIGHER or it can rob revs....

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    My 06 will not pass 7990 since we had it, one time it flickered 8040 for a split second, oil is at half way mark. (about 50 hours)

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    The ski has 41 hrs on it now. Also, the oil level is fine.

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    Join the crowd. Mine has never been past 7800 rpm. Now @ 20 hour`s and it remains the same. One day I`ll find it.

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    Trust me, you'll see higher rpm's as soon as it cools off. It's just typical heat fade.

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    But i've got the same ski turning in the 8100s

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    My first thought was heat fade also.7800 is not bad,try riding it in the morning and see if it doesn't hit 7900-8100.If not,then check your oil level.

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    ok, oil level is fine. ski has been rode at daylight and also at dark and middle of the day. No difference.

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