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    light weight fly wheel- is it really worth it?

    i have a rad fly wheel laying around, one of the non charging types.

    is it worth the effort and hassle of running one of these over a stock fly wheel on a ported single pipe and if so what are the advantages and or disadvantages?

    do they really save you busting cranks or is that a myth?

    I am tryin to finalize my setup and thought i would check on this area to see what direction i should head in.

    thanks in advance.

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    I run a TL wheel in my triple, have for 4 years. My Odyssey will allow me to run about 3 hours. This is fine with me, i dont go long distance. I have the same battery in my other ski, so i can swap them out if needed, while charging it back up on the 06'.

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    Izzo - I ran one for 5 years and had no problems whatsoever unless I tried to push the ski to an all day ride. I typically got 5-6 hours out of mine with Odysey battery.

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