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    fuel octain rating

    what is the best octain to run in the sho

    I understand the ECU claculates timing based on the fuel type.

    I also know the compression ratio must be altered when we add boost.

    does 91 octain fuel help or hinder the engines ability to produce power.

    I have modified the engine by adding, stage 1 riva plus the c1-11 wheel
    soon as the power cooler ships I will be adding this as well.

    some information on octain states an engine desiged for 87 octain will preform less efficant with the higher octain fuel. Our engines were designed for 87 octain prior to modifications.

    Now what?

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    With those mods you will want to run 91oct or higher. I wouldn't recommend higher than 94oct though. 94 is the highest I've ever seen at the pump.

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