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    97 zxi 1100

    I've picked up a project. Complete ski(- coupler and cdi) with the engine completely apart. The cylinder have some scoring that light honing did not remove will need to have bored. Looks like my choice are .5mm and 1mm? Which pistons would one go with for simply joy riding. Also the crank bearings are bad. SBT or hot rod, once again joy riding.

    Also if any one has some pics of the inside of the ski they could share that would be great.

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    I have the repair manual in pdf format. PM me and I will email it to you. It is a big file though, like 30 megs

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    How is this project coming along. I recently sold my 97 ZXi and am kinda missing it a little. Interested to see how your's is coming along. What size pistons did you decide on?

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    sbt short blocks are nice but heres the thing with them, when they recieve a core that may require a bore in one cylinder due to a blow up they will only fix that they will bore the cylinder and replace that one piston. so if you get what im sayin when they recive cores they only fix the problem. not a wise investment just rebuild it yourself so you know what you have right from the get go.

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