SUBJECT: Training Run – 08.23.2009

This Sunday morning eight of us showed up at Long Beach (0715) for a little run to the island (Catalina) with big ambitions of running around it. It was not to be. One broke (Seadoo) prior to leaving the breakwater and another felt like a break down was coming; so he turned around (Ultra 260X) about a mile outside the breakwater. The remaining two pods of three each continued on amid overcast cloudy and rainy looking skies.

The sea state was such today that the later in the day it got the better the seas became. I would’ve loved to have made this run on my Kawasaki Ultra but it is still in the shop. The run over definitely favored the Ultra this morning with two strong riders leading the way. The run from Avalon to Two Harbors was great with small swell conditions that were only made rolly due to the fishing and diving boat traffic.

One of our newer riders took the plunge on the way over to Avalon - about half way over. Yes sir, a literal face plant in the water with goggles exploding on contact. If Oakley is reading this then we are looking for sponsorship as we favor your product the best. Only problem is they don’t float well when they hit the water at maximum speed and the lens separate from the body part. Here is what I said recently from my Dana Point to Oceanside run:::: From 08.09.2009 write up.

Second - Goggles do come off. If they are Oakley H20's I know they float. If you have them attached to your helmet via goggle keepers then you will definitely not lose them - otherwise they may float but you may not see or find them. For a race always keep a spare set in your PWC.

Sorry I didn’t have a spare set to loan because I loaned them to a visiting friend from Maryland; he liked them so much I gave them to him.

Premium gas at the island was $4.98 today. Premium gas at the pump this morning was $2.39 for me. Thanks to the extra built in fuel tank in my Seadoo I did not have to fill up.

For those going on the camping trip next weekend here are the waypoints from personal observation this morning. Italian Gardens, Catalina Island, Camp Spot B (Boat Camping) Waypoint N33.24.649 W118.22.939

Mark and Iron Mike took some pictures that they may post.

While Avalon was full of wave surge like conditions Italian Gardens was calm flat, Tropical Island like conditions. I pulled onto shore and spoke to kayakers who were camping on Site A. At high tide the inside cove like area is 25’ deep. We will be anchoring in about 25+ feet of water in a rocky bottom area. Keep in mind that the water remains deep right to the shoreline. Today when I got off the ski it was still 5’ deep when I stepped off into that crystal clear water. The camp site is equipped with a picnic table and a metal grate for cooking. You would not want to beach your ski here as it is a very rocky shore line.

See you on the water!


Next Weekend - If you’ve ever had the urge to rough it for a weekend on your PWC then save Saturday/Sunday August 29/30, 2009 as a ride and camp weekend out to Catalina Island. No WIMPS please. The location is known as Italian Gardens (Waypoint N33.24.58 W118.22.55)

If you don’t know how to anchor then we’ll teach you as you’ll be anchoring in between 30-90 feet of water. Late hour riding? Pirate patrol to Avalon? Who knows what this group can get into?