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    Advent question

    Are Advent CDIís considered a bolt on, to add power by themselves? By adding the CDI can performance gains be measured aside from the obvious? Like RPM Rev Limiter, and power valve snap. I guess what Iím asking is if you change between timing curves can the difference in the curves be measured? And how? I know timing coupled with other factors affects Hp. But let us say one adds an advent to a complete stock PWC, if one were to switch from say an 84 curve which appears to be for stock setup to a 94 curve which is for a slightly modified engine should some measure of performance be noticeable? If not how does on tell if the proper program curve is loaded and or working properly or at all?


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    First off, you would not buy an Advent for the nominal rpms they MAY help to generate. You buy it for two different reasons:

    1. It stops the brakeing (falling on you face feeling) you get when you have a stock CDI reducing the rpms whenever the boat leaves the water.... gas valves do the same thing by the way.

    2. By advancing your timing, you can get a much better hole shot and midrange accelleration.... this is where the Advent pays for itself. Maximizing the timing increases the potential of the boat to the max. You must have extra compression and cooling (93+ octane) to take advantage of this... and it specifies this on their web sight.

    Sometimes by increasing the timing on the top end you may find a slight increase in rpms, but not much if you use the proper timing for the proper set up. For instance, if you went to the stocker timing (Yam 83) and got your rpms, there is a good chance that you would gain about 50 rpms if you went to Yam 84, which is a much aggressive curve. It is almost as if the stocker curve limits the amount of rpms you can get by reducing the timing to soon.

    On the other hand, you can increase timing and do nothing but generate extra heat.... which is why there are some many curves for so many different set ups. For this reason I say make sure you have a set up that will support the timing curve that you choose or you might create a detonation problem.

    Hope this helps.

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    I am on my second Advent now. It did give me noticeable accelaeration and 80 rpm's on top. My second Advent failed this weekend and made my sky bog severely. If the third unit failes I'm getting my money back - It's not worth giving up the reliability.

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    Salty pretty much covered it. But think in terms of car performance - adding a performance ignition will not, by itself, add hp. Your engine should "need" the Advent for some other reason.

    For example, when I went ported BB, my ski (with the stock 1200 ignition curve) ran like crap. When I installed the Advent with a better curve, it cured a lot of problems and allowed proper tuning. So to carry the analogy a little further, my ski was in "need" of a different ignition curve, and therefore benefited from the Advent. Put one on a stock 1200 and you'll get nothing (or next to nothing).

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