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    Whats causing this?

    At the beginning of the day today I made it about 100 yds at full throttle and the ski shut down without warning, then when I restarted it the Exhaust temp light started flashing. I shut it back off and restarted it after a couple minutes, Then It would let me go 1/2-3/4 throttle as long as I wanted but If I opened it up to WOT it would shut down after a few seconds with the Exhaust warning beeping at me. At first I thought It might be from the bucket removed and drilled air screen running it lean but it did the same with the bucket in.

    Its an 05 and every thing in the engine compartment is stock and untouched (so far). What would cause this? The only mods Ive done since the last ride (when it worked fine) Is Ride plate, intake grate, dynafly 14/20 prop, and drilled air screen.

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    what ski? 1200 or 1300?

    how many hours? might be time for a d plate, if your over 40 or 50 hours.

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    Did it do this with the stock prop? I'm thinking the 14/20 might be lugging the engine to low on rpms. Just a thought.

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    Its an 05 1300 with around 30 hours. It did shut down on me once the last time I took it out (before the mods) It flashed a warning but I assumed it was fuel and silenced it.

    Two things that have me puzzled are: 1. The ski actually shut down without notice, then on restart it gave me the buzzer. From what Ive read it usually dont just shut off does it?

    Towards the end of the day I was able to ride WOT for a few seconds then bring the stock tach down to 6000 a few seconds then WOT reatedly, but if my wife was on with me (added 120lbs) about 5 seconds of WOT was all she wrote.

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    My new tach will be here monday but the stocker was reading 6900rpm which is down from the stock prop but I didnt think it was to bad. Of course if the stock tachs arent any better than the speedos theyre worthless.

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    the tachometer on these skis are pretty much dead on or close enough. I believe your optimum rpm should be 7000 rpms. If your only turning 6900, you maybe loading down the motor on top end.
    Do you warm the ski up a little before taking off? I would take the head off and check the piston and cylinder walls to make sure you didn't seize the motor. Usually at WOT if the ski shuts down its due to a seizure or something locking up the motor.

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    Im betting it's a loose earth wire on the battery.
    Exactly the same happened to me and a few others.
    It goes fine, and then just dies.
    Check your battery conections, both the 10mm nut, and the post.
    I would also check the trim system.
    I have heard of some 05 coming with it installed the wrong way around on the actuator under the front hood(Port side).
    You trim up on the handle bar twist grip and the nozzle goes down.

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    happened to me with less than an hour on my ski. turned out to be a malfunctioning slant detection switch, go figure. the exhaust warning light and buzzer were both on and ski would shut off

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    ding ding ding we have a winner! Went out and checked the ground wire and it was loose. After that was mentioned I thought about it and remembered that when it would shut down the display would be off instantly instead of staying on for about 10 seconds like it does when I shut it off.

    Ok thats the shut down problem but the next question is would that trigger the exhaust temp beeper upon start up? I wont be able to try it until next weekend but if I need to work on it I would like to do it before then. Thanks guys!

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    It was loose, but I tried to replicate it on the hose to see if it would shut it down and sound the beeper on me. so I shook the hell out of it and wiggled the ground but it never shut down. Athough on the hose I couldnt try WOT.
    The question still remains, would it trigger the exhaust temp buzzer?
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