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    Help with 2008 rxp-x

    This weekedn fitted NEW air intake system, fantastic inmprovement however now i have a small dangerous problem which i hopoe somoen could shed some light on please.

    After installing everything i started the ski with no problem as normal!
    Removed the lanyard but the ski carried on running
    Only way to stop is to press the stop / start button

    The ski stopped

    It starts without the Lanyard now? VERY DANGEROUS obviosuly if fall off the sksi will carry on

    I dont understand it? any ideas?

    The only electrical items we touch wee as per the instructions, we simply moved the rectifier unit from the OE fixings to the side of the ski , only unplugged the grey and the black connection from the rectifier , fixed to the bracket and re cliped the connections back in!

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    probably unrelated to your mods, try tapping on the end of the DESS post, where the lanyard plugs onto. use the handle of a screwdriver to rap it pretty good, theres a little magnetic part in there that gets stuck.
    tap it see if it still starts without the lanyard on.
    hopefully it does not.
    only good fix is to replace the post...
    are you under warranty??
    thatis definitely a warranty item.

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