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    95 wave venture bogging! HELP!!

    95 wave venture 700 will idle all day but has no top end speed. It takes a long time to get up to 30 mph! It will start everytime. When you finally get up to 30 and make a turn it looses all power and bogs down the on the straightaways slowly builds up to 25 to 30 mph. This had run great prior to this. Cleaned carbs, whole fuel system, and replaced fuel pump and diaphrams. It has k&n air filters on it. Compression is 140 in both cylinders. Please help. Thanks!!

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    I've been having the same problem with my 97. You find anything out yet?

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    You say you cleaned carbs...did you rebuild them? The pump side of the carbs start's loosing their effectiveness after time which can result in a lean condition and poor acceleration as your talking about. When you places more load on the ski which then in a "lean" condition will make it worse. I would have the carbs gone through again..check pulse lines...and even your vent line on the tank. Sounds like your carbs are ready.


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    I did not rebuild the carbs. Everything looked good, no wear on diaphrams or clogging of jets, needles looked good. I am going to replace all of the fuel, pulse, and vent lines. If this does not do it i will try rebuilding carbs, i hate to spend the $$ on it at the end of season but want it to be ready for next year so i will do what it takes!! The plugs had i little oil on them when i pulled them, do you think i am running to rich?? Pilot set at 5\8 turn out and main at 1 1\8 out per shop manual. I am running k&n filters on it and wondering if i had to adjust for the increased air flow. Also i turned the fuel off when testing in the river and right before it runs out of fuel it ramps up on the rpms and speed and runs like it used to before dieing out. If rebuild is in order where on this site do i find the rebuild kits?
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